Online PhiShading Course (Microblading with Manual Brow Shading)


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*This online course is ONLY for students with basic microblading knowledge.

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PhiShading is a technique that involves a combination of microblading and brow shading together. This technique creates more dense, fuller looking brows that appear to be powdered, but with hair strokes (microblading). Below are some photos of PhiShading:

PhiShading is great for:

  • Clients who have alopecia
  • Clients that have very thin brows or very little eyebrow hair
  • Clients who have inconsistent distribution of hair throughout their brows (such as a dense amount of hair at the head of the brow, but little hair at the tail of the brow)

Included with this course:

  • PhiShading Kit (which includes):
    • 10 x U blades
    • 10 x 3 Round blades
    • 10 x 5 Round blades
    • 10 x 9 Double flat blades
    • 3 x Pigments (Arabian night, Warm Effect, Sunset)
    • 1 x Universal Holder
    • 1 x Skin candy
    • 25 PhiWipes
  • A 3 month subscription to the PhiShading Craftmaster Application (Mobile application designed to facilitate your continued learning process and interaction with your instructor beyond the course).
  • 3 months of ongoing support through the PhiShading Craftmaster Application

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