Want To “Test Drive” The Microblading Career With A Guided Video Tour By A Successful Artist As They Complete A Real Appointment?

Get Your “Microblading Career Test Drive” Here Now!

Why purchase this program?

Get a glimpse into what a day in the career looks like after you are established

Learn how a highly successful microblading artist handles a real client with real concerns

See every step of the process from consultation, to the procedure, to asking for referrals

What you Will Learn In This Program

This program will offer you a video based tour, guided by Kler Rosenberg, a very successful microblading artist as she:

Performs a microblading consultation with a REAL client

Deals with REAL objections and concerns

Closes a REAL sale for her microblading service

Performs the microblading procedure on a REAL client

Conducts an exit interview with a REAL client

Teaches you directly some of her most effective selling techniques to close microblading appointments AND how she turns clients into sources of referrals and new business!

What’s Included With This Program

This program includes...

  • A video based tour guided by Kler Rosenberg
  • Multiple sections demonstrating a consultation, preparation for the treatment, the treatment itself, and an exit interview with the client
  • Direct coaching from Kler on how to present yourself professionally and grow your business

How Much Does This Program Cost?

If you could see EXACTLY how a very successful microblading artist conducts their treatment, from the consultation, through the entire process, all the way to the request for reviews and referrals at the end, how much would it be worth to you?

10,000? 20,000? 50,000?

Well fortunately for you we priced this program insanely low so you would have no other choice but to grab it at only $200.00

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked

This program will provide you an intimate, behind the scenes peek into a very profitable microblading artist’s engagement with a real client.

We are so convinced that this program will help you that we have decided to remove all the risk for you.

If you are not satisfied that you got your money's worth from this program, simply let us know in less than 30 days and we will gladly provide you a full refund, no questions asked.

Kler Rosenberg Head Master Trainer, Microblading Academy USA