• $3,600.00 USD
  • Cinthia Holguin
  • 8096 Edwin Raynor Blvd Ste. B Pasadena MD 21122
  • 561-922-8001
  • [email protected]
  • May 5, 2018
  • Saturday-Sunday 9am – 7:30pm

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This live course will certify you in the highly respected Phibrows method of microblading.

We limit attendance in each of our live courses in order to deliver the best possible education and experience for our students.

To reserve your spot in this live course, register below by completing the form and selecting the amount and method of payment. To register, you must make at least a deposit of $1,000.00.

To keep your reserved spot in the live course, any remaining payment, plus the additional requirements to attend the course must be submitted several days prior to the course. We highly encourage you to review our Payment, Requirements, and Cancellation Policy page for more details on this subject.

Registration includes:

  1. Attendance at the live certification course
  2. The Craftmaster Online / Mobile Application
  3. The Phibrows Professional Kit
  4. Six months of ongoing supervision as you master the art of microblading

For a more in depth description of the live course please visit our Live Certification Course Description / Details page.

To register:

If you are paying via Credit Card, after completing the form below and selecting the amount and method of payment, you will then pay on the following page. (Registration by credit card requires an additional 2.9% registration fee)

If you are paying via ACH Direct Bank Transfer, after completing the form below and selecting the amount and method of payment, we will email you an invoice to pay. (The registration fee is waived for registration by ACH Direct Bank Transfer)