• $1,800.00 USD
  • Cinthia Holguin
  • 2815 Camino del Rio S Suite LC. San Diego CA 92108
  • 561-922-8001
  • [email protected]
  • Friday 9am – 6pm
  • *Additional shipping charges and sales tax may apply

This live course is ONLY for Phibrows students and requires either:

  • A certificate of attendance of the Phibrows 2 Day Live Microblading Certification Course, or
  • A Phibrows Artist Certificate

The purpose of this one day course is to spend a full day working very closely with a master trainer in a small, intimate group setting to:

  • Work on any specific challenges you are having, and
  • Make sure you are confident to work on clients on your own

We apply strict limits on attendance in this live course in order to ensure a substantial amount of direct instruction between the master trainer and students.

You will leave this class feeling more confident about your microblading skills than ever before!

To reserve your spot in this live course, register below by completing the form and selecting the amount and method of payment. To register, you must make at least a 50% down payment (750.00 USD).

To keep your reserved spot in the live course, any remaining payment, plus the additional requirements to attend the course must be submitted several days prior to the course. We highly encourage you to review our Payment, Requirements, and Cancellation Policy page for more details on this subject.

Registration includes:

  1. Attendance at the live 1 day course
  2. Three boxes of disposable tools

To register:

If you are paying via Credit Card, after completing the form below and selecting the amount and method of payment, you will then pay on the following page. (Registration by credit card requires an additional 2.9% registration fee)

If you are paying via ACH Direct Bank Transfer, after completing the form below and selecting the amount and method of payment, we will email you an invoice to pay. (The registration fee is waived for registration by ACH Direct Bank Transfer)